Lets start at the beginning..

Hi all,

Little bit nervous about starting a blog as it is something sooo out of my comfort zone, but feel it is important to share my journey, thoughts and feelings. As well as being inspired by my fellow student nurse Danielle- you can read her blog posts here —> journeytomakeadifference.wordpress.com without her support, I wouldn’t have gotten through this course.

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to become part of healthcare, being inspired from the care my loved ones have received as well as thinking ‘this needs to change’ and wanting to be that change. From then on I have pursued the nursing path…albeit not always smoothly!

I am so very close to the end now, having just finished my penultimate placement of third year and now thinking about dissertation (please send help!) I felt that I finally can use my voice and write a blog about my experiences and my love of nursing.

I have just accepted a post as a newly qualified Practice Nurse from when I finish university in July and I am sooooooo excited! I have also just become an Ambassador for the GPN Student Nurse Network (you can follow them on twitter @Gpnsnn) and so I will be sharing my journey and love of Practice Nursing.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and sharing your own with me! I’m hoping to soon write a post about my experience as a student in practice nursing and why I have chosen to work there, watch this space…!




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